Kitchen Disasters Immortalized In These Hilarious Photos

Published on April 30, 2020
There is a time in everyone’s life in which creativity, skill, and an eye for detail come together in a simmering mix of  delight. What is this moment you ask? When cooking up a storm in the kitchen! Cooking can be a simple affair. However, it can also become a complex, challenging task that can leave you jumping for joy at the amazing food you have prepared, or running to the toilet to evacuate your unfortunate failure, whether from the front or back end. Every once in awhile someone manages to make a small miscalculation that creates such a stupendous disaster that the mess happens way before anyone ever gets the chance to taste the food. These moments are special, and it is our responsibility to immortalize them in image and word so that future generations can have a good laugh, and be wary. Keep reading and you’ll get a taste of that laughter!

Things Didn't Turn Out As Planned

Things Didn’t Turn Out As Planned

The Pizza That Became a Bomb

After a long day at work there is nothing more satisfying than a warm, delicious pizza. Nothing beats the combination of cheese, soft doughy bread, and a boatload of pepperoni. Add in your favorite toppings and voila, magical food perfection!


Nuclear Cheese

Sadly, the owner of this oven decided to cook up their own dish rather than order out. They also seemed to think that using a baking dish was out of the question. The nuclear event that proceeded will never be forgotten.

The Haunted Pastries

Every once in a while, an unfortunate baker will make a delicious batch of yummies for their family. Unbeknownst to them, they are standing upon a portal to the demon world vomitosios. This infernal land is the dirge of bakers everywhere.


Courtesy of Ghostbusters

As you can see, whatever smiles the baker was hoping to find upon opening their oven were torn away by the evil spirits attempting to break through to our world.  Luckily, the ghostbusters were in town, and we can all rest safe.


Hellhound Birthday

Birthdays are supposed to be magical events for children, filled with lovely toys and joyful laughter. Many have tried to deduce what creature the creator of this cake was aiming for, most have failed to figure it out, a mystery.


Hedgehog or Hellhound? You decide.

Mysteries are meant to be solved, and we think they truly meant to create a hellhound to scare their child into obedience for the next decade. Hopefully, this demonic cake tastes better than it looks, or else great sadness ensued.


Pressure Cooker or Newly Discovered Energy Source?

We all want to have the ability to cook yummy food without wasting too much time in the kitchen. There are lots of shows out there to watch, and so little time in the day. That makes this event even more painful a betrayal.


Boom goes the world!

Whoever made this pressure cooker either needs to be locked up or moved into a new line of work. Whatever they did, it turned this simple cooking device into a high powered energy source that might change the world.


Alien Chicklets

There is nothing cuter than a host of little chicklets, chirping away with nary a worry in life except following mama chicken around. The genius who decided to combine chicklets and yummy food together should be given a big award.

06bxyynjscktdvet coming

Unfortunately, they should also have that award taken away for growing a blob monster in their oven. We aren’t sure what precisely is growing within the depths of these cuties, but it’s large and possibly dangerous.


Uneggpected Visitor

Eggs are wholesome, healthy, and an easy dish to whip up in the morning to satisfy all your cravings. Nothing satisfies as much as a nice side of eggs with some crispy bacon, you simply cannot go wrong with eggs.


Uneggpected Visitor

Alas, someone managed to set out and prove us wrong. A simple dish of eggs has turned into the beginnings of what can only be an alien invasion. The government has decided to call him or her Eggusius the First.


Mother Nature’s Rage

Very few creations in life can come close to matching the creamy, sumptuous delicacy that is caramel. You can almost be assured that putting caramel on anything will make it taste better, heck probably even vegetables would work with caramel.


Beware the Caramel!

This is all working on the assumption that you know how to make caramel without enraging mother nature. As we all know, make her angry and she erupts! Forget about lava, fear the coming of molten hot caramel at home.


On the Lookout for Spongebob

Spongecake might be the world’s way of rewarding all the minimalists out there. So deceivingly simple to make, yet oh so delicious. There is nothing quite like laying back with a spongecake and gorging until your belt buckle explodes everywhere.


On the Lookout for Spongebob

The important part of baking a sponge cake is keeping the ingredients simple. Some people just can’t help themselves and try to get a little too creative in the kitchen. Some people just go too far, probably from bad eyesight.


If You Can’t Handle the Heat

There are many people who proudly assert that they are masters of the art of multi-tasking. They can talk on the phone, write up an essay, and cook a three-course meal. These magicians are seemingly everywhere in society.


Stay out of the kitchen!

Whoever managed to create this bizarre new piece of art is obviously not one of them. Merging burner to cutting board might have been a mistake, but it’s a great story to tell the family. Hopefully, their partner forgave them.



Pizza is a sacred food. Relationships have been saved by its cheesy goodness and letting it heal tender wounds. That means that you must treat it with the utmost respect, and ensure that every step of the cooking process is perfect.


The end is nigh

Whoever decided to cook up this pizza must be charged with a criminal offense. Is a baking sheet so difficult to find these days? All that goodness lost to history, wasted on the bottom of an oven. Tears shall be shed.


The Mug That Time Forgot

A little bit of heat never hurt anyone, but that was before this mug met its match. There is a kind of beauty to the way foam and liquid combine in a perfect circle, bringing out this lovely caramel color.


Coffee?…or something else?

We aren’t sure if the mug was filled with coffee or some other liquid, but it sure did overflow like a champion. Whatever it was, it was more volatile than its owner imagined. Whoever needs to clean up must be happy.


Alzheimer’s and Treats

We all need some junk food to salve our bruised souls sometimes. Unfortunately, combine that desire with a bottle of alcohol and a possible early onset of Alzheimer’s, and some slight mistakes in cooking can occur. Some very serious mistakes.



Taking well cooked to the next level

We still aren’t too sure what was being cooked here. The french fries are obvious, but the rest? Possibly meatballs and a strange-looking mini taco? Another mystery to be solved. Hopefully, they learned their lesson after this. Fingers crossed.


Frosty Fail

Nothing spreads joy like Christmas day, and there is no better way to liven up Christmas day than to bake a host of delicious baked goods. Want to make your goodies even merrier? Shape them like dear old Frosty.


Jingle bell…Frostys dead

There is just one caveat when attempting to bake a gigantic cookie shaped like frosty the snowman. Read the fine print, thrice. This unfortunate lady must have skipped a step because Frosty put on quite a few pounds. Looks great.


The Case of the Flying Lid

At any time during a cooking experience, accidents can happen. Liquid overflows, oil goes flying and burns your arm, or your delicious meal turns into a bonfire. What does not happen is your pot lid turning into an alien flying saucer.


Flying Saucer?

There is no reason why this lid should have been able to achieve enough force to embed itself into the ceiling, and yet there it is. As rational thinkers, the only possibility that occurs to us is ninjas. It makes sense. Trust us.


Rice Addiction 101

Some foods are easy to overeat. They digest well, and you can mix them up in a dozen different ways so that they never get old. Rice is one of those lovely foods, and it is mighty cheap as well.


The Ancient Tower of Ricelis

That being said, buying rice in bulk is one thing, attempting to cook so much of it in one shot that it rises up like a monolith from the ancient times is another. Whoever did this deserves a shiny medal.


Sushi Sadness

Everyone seems to love sushi. There are dozens of restaurants in every part of town, and no one ever seems to get tired of it. It’s simple, cute, bite-sized, and can light up every taste bud in your mouth.


Sushi a la goldfish?

There are people who just cannot give up on their dreams of chefdom. They tinker away in the kitchen, trying to come up with fancy new ways of changing recipes, and then there is this person. They must be stopped.


Flaming Spaghetti Monsters

Pasta is one of Italy’s greatest achievements. Nothing warms the soul quite like a big bowl of spaghetti. Cover it all up with creamy tomato sauce and a sprinkle of cheese, and you may just glimpse heaven for a moment.


Italian Incense?

Whoever was responsible for this waste of spaghetti should be punished. Now there is a possibility that they suffered a brain malfunction and believed they were lighting incense sticks, but this image brings great pain to our hearts.


Spongebob Disaster

One of the most beloved animated characters has come to an unfortunate end in this next disaster. It is difficult to shape a good cake and to bake it in just the right way, but this is going too far.


Straws? Really!?

Using straws was the first mistake, and trying to shape poor SpongeBob’s mouth using chocolate syrup was the second. The true horror though is that weird red jelly.  It looks like SpongeBob has been stabbed. Bad baker, very very bad.


The ‘Lasaga’ that Might Have Been

There are some words that it is acceptable to not know how to spell. Mississippi perhaps, or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Heck we will even say we understand when people spell “ignorance” wrong. Spelling lasagna wrong though, that is a crime, most definitely.


Don’t leave us Lasagna 🙁

The only thing worse than spelling lasagna wrong, is spelling it wrong a second time after having dropped said lasagna on the floor. Every Italian grandmother is rolling over in their graves due to this image. The shame is strong.


The Meal That Could Have Been

Whatever this was supposed to be, it looks like it would have turned out quite well. It has a lovely mix of colors, a creamy looking texture, and all the hallmarks of what would possibly have been a delicious meal.


Still looks yummy

Unfortunately, the genius who put this together was not aware that plastic melts when exposed to heat. It’s always a surprise when seeing something like this. Whoever managed to ruin this entire meal should be banned from the kitchen henceforth.


Eggsperiment Gone Wrong

None of us receive any special training in cooking unless we go to cooking school. We are handed a vast array of herbs and spices, sauces, and a host of other goodies to test out and experiment within life.


Pepper Bomb

Some people just seem to get a kick out of experimenting a little too much. Take pepper for example, everyone loves pepper. You would think that more pepper would be amazing. This is far too much pepper though. Stop it.


Hangers Beware

We aren’t exactly sure what the owner of this image was aiming for. A brand new style of cooking? A way to save money while making high-quality kebabs? Whatever it is, this may be the strangest cooking method ever.


Ingenuity at its finest

The most important thing we should all be thinking and asking is whether or not that coat hangar was disinfected. Because if it hasn’t, then whoever ate that food is most probably on the toilet having a less than stellar experience.


Crispy Times

Everyone can get distracted and forget to check the stove sometimes. Crying children, unexpected visitors, cute squirrels poking their heads in through a window, searching for the elusive bag of nuts. We are all entitled to be a little bit distracted.


Bonfire a la Mode

On the other hand, if that includes you maxing out the heat on your stove and then walking off into the distance while your entire kitchen catches fire, we have a problem. The flames must have been huge to reach the ceiling.


Ninjas Beware

There are times in a mans life when he must test his strength against the world. When every task becomes a challenge, a way to truly see who is the mightiest warrior in the room. Pushing the limits, seeking power.


Flimsy Cuttingboard Vs Knife

The owner of this cutting board seems to have been in that phase of his life. The only other possibilities are an extremely bad day, or preparation for a showdown with ninjas. Whatever the truth is, his power is great.


Heat vs Plastic

Every culture has its own way of boiling up some good old water. For most outside of North America, that involves using a handy kettle and a hot stovetop. Within North America though, we tend to use cheap plastic.


Kettle Meltdown

Whoever was responsible for this debacle was probably from out of town. Or possibly drunk. Whatever their reasons, they are lucky they didn’t light the whole kitchen on fire. No clue how they will get that all off the stove.


Ceramic Goes ByeBye

Sometimes people make inferences that don’t end up panning out. Such as thinking that because ceramic pots can handle high temperatures inside the oven, that means that they can handle heat from a flame on a stovetop. Dead wrong.


No, it is not fine

Alas, it is much better to hop on the internet these days and google whether or not something will work before actually going through with it. Remember that someone has always figured out the wrong way to do something before you.


Bigfoot is Real

Halloween is a wonderful time of the year. Candy, children’s laughter, and the freedom to dress up in highly inappropriate clothing are all on the table and acceptable. It is a time to let your inner demon out, and your inner baker.


Still looking great!

Sometimes what we are expecting is not what we end up with. The beautifully shaped skeleton this poor soul was hoping to bake up and surprise their family with ended up turning out like Bigfoot. Which isn’t too bad after all.


Demon Imp

There are some things that can cause irreparable damage to any child who happens to be in the vicinity. Letting a kid run around in traffic, having them watch The Exorcist before the age of 16…some things are just bad.


Spinach? really?

Baking up something like this has to be in the top 10 of bad things to give to kids. Is it a demon? An Imp? A child that was punished with fire and brimstone? Whatever the baker was hoping for,


The Sadness of Ariel

Disney characters are some of the most beloved creations of the last 50 years. From Simba to Aladdin, Jasmine to Belle, they have been gracing our screens and our hearts for decades. Food also holds a special place in our hearts.


Blob Monster or Disney character?

Which makes this abomination even more painful to witness. We know the baker must have had good intentions going in, but some things just aren’t meant to be. Ariel fans the world over are cringing at this attempted creation.


Pasta Magic

We have already established that any kind of error involving pasta that leads to it being wasted is an affront to the world. To waste pasta is to waste something so pure, so beautiful, that songs cannot even encapsulate its perfection.


Flying Spaghetti Monster?

There need to be rules put in place to make sure that anyone who manages something like this gets banned from ever stepping foot in the kitchen ever again. We need law enforcement to step in and people to start snitching.


Freedom is Everything

Nothing in this world wants to be bound by limitations. We all want to be free to make our own choices, do our own things, not be held back by any preconceived notions that others hold of us. Everything does.


Be Free My Friend!

Including this baked horse cookie. That metal cage may have thought that it could constrain this wild stallion’s spirit, but it showed it who is the real boss in this relationship. Sometimes a horse just wants to be round and beautiful.


Extra Crispy

Another day, another failed pizza. We aren’t exactly sure why people continuously fail at making pizza. Is it to punish those of us who have none? To create more suffering in the world? Will we ever get an answer? Unlikely.


Hello Feet

Whatever the answer is to the mysterious case of destroyed pizzas, there is one obvious thing we should all remember. Never attempt to cook while drunk, and if you insist on it, cook something no one cares about, like oatmeal.


Farewell Utensil

There is a chance that this unfortunate mishap occurred on the watch of another fellow who had ingested a tad too much alcohol. They must have believed they had balanced the fork at just the right angle to protect it.


Alien Ooze perhaps?

Alas, belief does not always lead to truth. Sometimes you just need to park your butt in front of the kitchen and make sure nothing goes wrong. Did I say sometimes? ALL THE TIME PEOPLE! Stop leaving the kitchen!


Butter Barrier

Some foods are just tough. Squash comes to mind, as anyone who has attempted to get at its meaty insides can attest to. Yet there is very little that can equal butter straight out of the fridge. It is powerful.


Butter-1 Knife-0

We never thought it would be so powerful that it would snap the handle right off a knife though. Not really sure why the owner was attempting to cut butter with a serrated blade. Might have been the hulk. Another mystery.


Ceramic Fail

If you have seen it once, you will probably see it happen again. That seems to be the case with poor ceramic bowls, it seems that people really don’t understand that they aren’t made to be put on the stovetop.


Farewell dear pasta

To make this even worse, they had filled it up with pasta. Yet another waste of a glorious meal of pasta, our hearts are broken yet again. Hopefully, it was very difficult to clean up so that they learn their lesson in the future.


Hurricane Cupboard

This might be the worst image we have come across so far. It’s one thing to make a mistake cooking something up, another thing for a part of your kitchen to utterly betray you and simply fall off the wall.


How the heck was this put on the wall???

Whoever was responsible for building this cupboard needs to be called up, sued, then banned from working in the business for life. The whole cupboard seems to have been glued to the wall! Luckily, no one was hurt. What a disaster.


Nightmare Cookies

We are fully prepared to testify that Christmas is a day where the gate between our world and the world of spirits thins. The most horrible creatures you can think of come forth on that day, ready to wreak havoc among us.


Almost cute..almost

And then there are these cookies. Whatever nightmare they stepped out of, we truly hope they are exorcised back into. How do you manage to destroy them this badly? We are willing to admit it may be another case of alcohol consumption.


The Curious Case of the Missing Cookie Cutters

There seems to be a large assortment of people out in the world today who do not believe in taking the time to learn how to bake, or seemingly to cook in general. This is proven by the vast amount of people who put things where they don’t belong.


Poor cookies never had a chance

Such as these cookie cutters. Why were they left in the oven? Probably because the owner believed they helped keep the shape of the cookies while baking. Is this an affront to bakers the world over? Absolutely. What a waste.


Pizza Meltdown

Throughout this story, we have seen time and time again that people disrespect pizza when they attempt to cook it themselves. There are some foods that are just better ordered in, let the professionals handle it.


Pizza..or a volcano?

How do you not know to remove the PLASTIC cutting board from under your pizza when you put it in the oven? This is so painful to see. This must have taken ages to clean up if it was even possible. Toss the oven folks.


Spoon Magic

There is a legendary urban myth that says that if you place a spoon over a pot that it will stop it from overflowing. To anyone who has cooked a single moment in their life, you will clearly recognize that this is truly a myth.


Bubbly disaster

Even if there was some truth to it, maxing out your pot with water will definitely overwhelm even the most magical of spoons. Unless it’s been passed down through four generations of grandmothers, it has no chance.


Toasty McNugget

There have been many epic fails along this journey we have taken together. This may be the first fail that is also a bit impressive. Attempting to use the toaster to cook your meat is sort of clever in a way.

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Clever, but no.

It does beg the question though. Why in the world would you want to cook your food like this? Do you not have a microwave? An oven? Anything? We can only assume this was a plea for help. Someone needs to get to this man ASAP.


Curious George From Hell

Everyone loves cake. It warms your insides with its gooey mix of fluffy and creamy goodness. Very few things in life beat cake, especially when it is shaped like a cute monkey. This one reminds us strongly of Curious George.

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We still want this cake

Unfortunately for the baker, they managed to open up yet another portal to the demon world and released curious George’s evil cousin, Steven. We hope they managed to banish him back to hell. Or enjoyed indigestion.


Cookie Ghosts

We seem to be reaching a point in our journey where the only logical conclusion is that many people should not be allowed in the kitchen. Humans do not seem to be able to grasp the general concepts of baking at all.

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Is that..butter?

Why would you think that putting cookies directly into the oven with no baking pan would work? Why??!! Now the ghosts of past cookies are going to haunt this oven for the rest of time. Call in another exorcist folks.


Nightmare Teddy

There are some things that are difficult to describe, almost impossible even. We are having quite a hard time to come to terms with how such an adorable looking rice teddy could be transformed into this horrifying creature.

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No Words to Describe This

Firstly, that does not even look like an egg. Is it cheese? This had to have been deliberate. Humans are monsters after all, so it would make sense that someone deliberately attempted to destroy children’s dreams with this.


Burnt Offerings

We all need some chicken in our lives. Baking up a delicious, plump chicken, basting it in herbs, spices, and a nice touch of olive oil is just heaven when you need a good protein fix. The best part? It is super easy!

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Looks great

At least we thought it was. Whoever was responsible for heating this chicken to 3000 degrees and forgetting it should be ashamed of themselves. All that lovely protein, snuffed out in an instant of distraction. Farewell chicken.


Cheese Implosion

We have officially given up on humanity. How do we as a society continue to allow this to happen? We were given a gift from the gods, a food so delicious that it can stop wars, end famine, and bring joy to the masses.

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Again!? AGAIN!??

Yet somehow, SOMEHOW! People continuously insist on destroying perfectly good pizzas. What have we done to deserve this pain? To witness again and again the destruction of such yummy goodness. Excuse us as we go cry for a moment.


Farewell Saint Nick

Christmas is a time of giving. A time to get together with family and friends and really just let everyone know how much you care about them, miss them, and shower them with love and affection. It’s also a time to give great gifts.

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Christmas is canceled folks

There is no better gift than food. Everyone loves food! Especially treats. We can 100% guarantee that whoever received this treat did not sleep for a few days. If it was for children, they probably will never sleep again.



We think this was an attempt to blend up a stew that somehow went horribly wrong. There is no blender case in sight, so it may not have exploded, maybe just overflowed? Maybe they forgot that blenders require a lid?

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Blender Bender

What worries us is that there is a jar of what seems to be peanut butter, and a flour blend. This leads our minds down roads we simply do not want to go. Perhaps the explosion was caused by ingredients mixing that never should have.


Chickadee Drug Addicts

There are some things you just cannot get out of your head once you have seen them. Some are good, like the image of an adorable looking food chicklet. Look how cute it is, it radiates happiness and deliciousness.

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We have no idea how it went from so much cuteness to whatever that abomination is. It looks like every single chicklet got hooked on drugs, aged 20 years, and then joined a biker gang from hell. Lock your doors folks, they are coming.


Takoyaki Sorcerer

The Japanese are sticklers for quality. Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting Japan knows that the moment you step foot into a restaurant there, you will be getting high-quality food, so prepare your taste buds.

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Stop Gazing Into Our Souls You Monster

This disaster was obviously perpetrated by an imposter attempting to make Japanese food. Hence why this one takoyaki turned into a demon sorcerer and was ready to cast a curse as soon as it was released from its prison.


Beaver Fever

To all the Canadians out there, we apologize for whoever created this sad-looking cupcake. We are sure they had great intentions starting off. They were probably filled with hope and anticipating a great looking cupcake treat.

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Alas, it seems that fate has decided to intervene. Even cupcakes have bad days, and this one seems to have aged about 70 years while in the oven. We have decided to name it grandpa McTooth. It has a nice ring to it.


Cupcake Horror

We have seen a lot of cupcakes over the years, but these may be the darn cutest designed cupcakes we have ever laid eyes on. Look at those big googly eyes, funny looking ears, and the chocolate sprinkle hair is perfect!

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We will be making these today. pray for us

It breaks our hearts to see how badly it came out for these poor folks. It could have been much worse, as it does seem to be edible. To lose all that cuteness though, truly sad. Hopefully, this wasn’t for children.


Running Man

The running man has been a symbol since time immemorial. You can see it in different cultures around the world. It makes sense that someone would eventually try to make a cookie out of it, since why not? Boredom.

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Big people can run too

Alas, they seem to have forgotten the basic principle of dough rising. People never seem to grasp this concept. Maybe it was the temperature, who knows, but running man cookie became extra, extra-large running man. It still looks tasty.


The return of Frosty

We already had a run-in with frosty earlier in our journey, and he was not a happy camper. Luckily these cute marshmallow headed cookies are here to return us to a world of joyful snowman goodness.

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Frosty is back for revenge

Perhaps we spoke too soon. Whatever cesspit of horror these two snowman cookies crawled out of is not a place we want to visit. They look like they are waiting to rip our souls out of us at any moment. Run folks. 


Disney Meets Reality

After the unfortunate events that led to Ariel’s horrible disfigurement, we thought there was no way anyone could harm a Disney character as badly as they did her. We were wrong. Meet Minnie.

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You’re still beautiful Minnie

We know it’s what’s inside that counts, and we are sure Minnies’ soul still shines brightly. Her exterior on the other hand, we have no words. The people who baked this should lock themselves in a cupboard for a few days.


The Fish That Tried

Many foods can be aesthetic masterpieces, especially when paired with a great chef who not only understands how to cook a great meal but also how to present it in a way that makes us just say wow.

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Very Creative

This fellow tried, he really did. The placing of the fish at such a wonderful angle, it might have been worthy of an award. Unfortunately for him, he seemed to forget this was a skillet and not a plate for clients. Oh, and it’s ugly.


Kangaroo or Bunny?

We aren’t precisely sure if this is a kangaroo or a bunny? Whatever the answer, it is quite an adorable fellow. The little pineapple mouth is a nice touch, and those ears, don’t get us started on those cute ears.


Pancakes Never Taste Bad

The reality is never what we want it to be sadly. Whatever this cook was hoping to get at the end, this was most definitely not it. Very sad. Luckily, it’s still a pancake, so there’s that.


The Return of Jaws

Whatever genius made these original cookies, we commend them. Bright colors, great design, it brings us back to the good old days when everyone was terrified of sharks after Jaws came out.

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Divers Beware

We applaud whenever folks attempt to put their own spin on things, but this unfortunate person seemed to have been looking at a different recipe than us. Hammerheads? Really? START AGAIN!


The Blob Monster

Frogs are cute, but only in animated films. In real life, they are slimy, icky, and make incredibly weird noises for something so small. Yet many a child has fond memories of chasing them around the yard.

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What is that COLOR!?

Trying to bring that childhood amusement into the kitchen is all well and good, but this person not only failed to follow the recipes instructions but managed to create a frog blob monster. Good job buddy.


Summon the Ninjas

A lot of kids start learning martial arts like karate or tae kwon do when they are young. These cookies were probably intended for an end of year celebration or birthday party for a karate enthusiast. However, things did not go according to plan.

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Beware the karate kids

While the inspiration cookies look like professional ninjas, the outcome cookies look like  karate kid wannabes, and also what seems to be some folks having fun on the beach? We aren’t sure if this is a mistake or just plain genius. It got some laughs that’s for sure!