The Most Cringe-Worthy Moments That Have Happened At Red Carpet Events

Published on May 2, 2023

We often place celebrities on a pedestal, thinking of them as above human sometimes. Well, the fact remains that celebrities are all mere mortals like the rest of us, and that means that they can have embarrassing moments and mishaps like the rest of us too. We’d argue that their embarrassing moments can be even worse since they are in the spotlight. This is especially true when these awkward moments happen at a red carpet event. Here are some of those exact cringe-inducing moments.

Jason Derulo Takes A Tumble?

In 2015, Jason Derulo experienced and embarrassing moment at the Met Gala when he fell down the stairs. Not only did he fall, but it was a very dramatic fall as well, as he nosedived all the way down, and this moment went totally viral, with just one problem…that wasn’t actually Jason Derulo! In fact, it was a random person who fell down, but the Twitter had decided that it was Derulo, so that’s what circulated around the web.

Jason Derulo Takes A Tumble

Jason Derulo Takes A Tumble? Image via Twitter @Pubity

Katy Slips On Cake

This time, this was actually a celebrity who fell down. While performing at the 2008 MTV Latin America Music Awards, Katy Perry jumped into a huge cake, leaving her covered in frosting. When Perry tried to leave the stage, she kept slipping, which was quite amusing once it was clear that she was not hurt.

Katy Slips On A Cake

Katy Slips On Cake (Kevin Winter via Getty Images)